Construction Services Donegal

We have developed expertise across all sectors. We are fortunate to work with a wide range of high-profile clients on a diverse range of projects including Residential, Healthcare, Commercial, Retail, Educational.


We have expertise in a wide range of commercial projects, from office to retail and entertainment. We pride ourselves in delivering projects to the highest quality standards, on time, and on budget whilst exceeding clients’ expectations. Commercial construction is all about the client’s vision for the project. It is our job to create this vision.


We have proven expertise in the delivery of retail stores including new-build and refurbishments. Our retail delivery team has completed multiple retail projects whilst allowing retail operations to continue uninterrupted, minimising the impact on customers. Retail construction is a maze of rules and regulations. We can navigate all the regulations to deliver the final results needed. Our company‘s positive track record means we are repeatedly asked to return to continue work on further stages of development.


We have a solid reputation for providing fantastic construction projects within the education sector across Ireland. We have worked on primary and post primary facilities, colleges, and universities. We have significant experience working within a live educational environment and work closely with our clients to minimize the impacts during the construction stage.
Today’s classrooms are very innovative which means we need to innovate too. This means we learn and incorporate new ideas to make processes better, faster easier, and cheaper.


We have a long standing history of delivering residential developments on greenfield and brownfield sites throughout Ireland. The company’s residential expertise extends to the construction of social housing developments, and public and private housing schemes. Our continual investment in technology ensures that clients benefit from the efficiencies gained by us and that they have access to important innovations. We are now living in an era where demand for housing is diversified and modern construction methods like offsite manufacturing and 3D printing will deliver efficiency and environmental gains.


We are experienced builders with a great understanding of the needs of healthcare facilities in both the public and private sectors. Our team works with clients, consultants, and end-users at every stage of the building lifecycle. Whether it be a single consultation room or a complete building, we can meet all healthcare building regulations.

Healthcare Projects can be very technology-driven. The landscape is ever changing and demands our teams stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. Our turn-key service supports the demand for modern healthcare.


Community Construction is at the very heart of local neighbourhoods, providing places to live, meet, work and access services.

They are places that bring people of all ages together.

Over the years, our clients have asked us to help with building projects ranging from sports fields, parking lots, retaining walls, churches and landscape improvements.